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COAD | OVERHEAD DOOR | What is the overhead door?


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Overhead Door


COAD directly produces the overhead door of industrial and residential condition. Depending on the difference of location, customers select the type of overhead door.


1. Industrial overhead door, COAD-30

COAD has diverse types of industrial overhead door to support all industrial condition. In normal, customers choose COAD-30 overhead door. It is made by polyurethane panel and it is highly strength. This is worth to protect the inside working space from external dust and noise. COAD-30 is equipped with insulation, air-tightness and wind-resistance. Moreover, COAD industrial overhead door improves the security fuction and energy-saving effects and it is worth to get the satisfaction of customers.


2. Stacking overhead door, COAD-20

Overhead door interfere with ceiling structures such as ceiling light, pipe, and cranes because of panel stroage. To minimize this structure, COAD develops COAD-20 which is stacking overhead door. It piles up the panel so it gets the enough space at ceiling structures. Moreover, COAD-20 is applied with high speed motor to operate the overhead door up to 3 times faster than existing overhead door. Additionally, the durability has been improved to use the chain driving method instead of wire drive method.


3. Garage door, COAD-40

Garage door is residential overhead door. It is important to product the vehicle from outside. So, COAD uses urethane panels. COAD-40 is effective to secure the vehicle and protect the garage from noise and wind. Garage door is customized by the choice of customers. So, it is completely sealed in the space. The design of garage door is diverse so it is worth to improve the interior of building.


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