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High Speed Door

COAD-1 Standard type

  • An standard type speed door, which is the best-selling item that can be installed in any site.
  • Prevents the sheet from breaking away after external impact, and it is easy to replace each sheets, reducing maintenance cost.
  • Enhanced durability of high speed door by adopting aluminum and 2T sheet as basic specifications.
  • clean room

    Clean room

    High speed door for clean room features a perfect sealing performance as a high speed door customized to fit by the site size and is applied with a sealing brush. High speed door plays an important role in blocking the inflow of external foreign substances through the two-step opening control system. In addition, corrosion is prevented by using an aluminum frame, and the 2T sheet is used to prevent deformation of high speed door.

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  • indoor


    A high-speed speed door that can be opened and closed with more than 3m/s by adopting a special motor. There is less noise when operating by having no wind bar, and it blocks the inflow of external foreign substances by using a sealing brush.

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  • Conveyor


    The high speed door can be interlocked with various devices through our self-developed controller. It makes it easy to store/release products by interlocking it with the conveyor belt, and also plays a large role in blocking foreign substances from entering.

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