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What is the standard-price system?

COAD sets the price by the size of Overhead door. In the business world, Only COAD sets the standard-price table.

We guarantee the accurate and lowest price.
It is not changeable by sales person, special promotion and location.
We support standard-price system with lowest price.

Possible to repair Overhead door of other companies?

Yes, we can. The technical center of COAD can repair the Overhead door of other companies with diverse experiences about the condition and professional technicians.
With the expectation about next problem and of price,we give advice.
Get the advice and contact customer service center.

Is the price changed by the location?

No, it is same price of product and installation fee in anywhere.
We have 5 sales offices in the main state of S. Korea and we install Overhead door with the same price of main office.

What is the value of heat resistance?

For urethane panel of 50mm, the heat resistance is 2.19(m²•K)/w and it is converted to heat resistance, 0.45 (m²•K)/w.
See the detail information at the download page.
You can get the test certification of Overhead door panel.

How long is Overhead door’s life span?

Overhead door is 10 years life span except supplies(sensor, etc)

How fast Overhead door open?

The speed of Industrial Overhead door is 0.2~0.3m/s and Stacking Overhead door is 0.3~0.7m/s.
It is possible to apply in the place. We set it up to be fitted for effective movement in the place.

How long does it take to install Overhead door?

We have to rule of customized installation within from estimate by experts to make a contract.
It is custom-designed and we guarantee the decided deadline of installation except special place and request of customers

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