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Overhead Door Fiber glass

  • commercial overhead door
  • commercial overhead door
  • commercial overhead door
  • commercial overhead door
Overhead door - Fiber glass(Blue)
With its ideal lighting performance, fiber glass overhead door maintains the internal temperature and features a glamorous appearance. Manual/automatic conversion and insulation functions are provided in consideration of the user convenience. It can be produced in a large size and has excellent durability with high strength material. In addition, fiber glass overhead door can be installed on a site where there is concern about corrosion, such as Costal area and salt field warehouse.

Detail Specification

Product name Overhead door – Fiber glass
Material Double-sided Fiberglass panel of 3mm thick
Thickness 60mm (Internal Fiber-Rb reinforced)
Surface treatment UV coating
Color Turquoise
Lift standard, vertical, high, low, etc.
Skylight Double acrylic window (manufacturer specification)
Panel finish Polyester coating and UV coating finish
Minimum Clearance Headroom 500mm, side room 150mm/350mm
Production range W10,000 X H7,000 (mm)
Warranty 1 year
Usage Fire station, maintenance warehouse, etc.

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