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Overhead Door COAD-50 Windpresser shutter

  • commercial overhead door
  • commercial overhead door
  • commercial overhead door
COAD-50 Windpresser shutter(Color)
Windpressure shutter is made of corrosion-proof aluminum and features the durability that can withstand deformation or damage caused by external influences. It is mainly used in power plants with strong wind-pressure, by Costal area, and logistics centers with large doors, due to its light-weight and application of a wind lock system. In addition, Windpressure shutter is convenient to replace the slat and rail, and is effective in protecting internal facilities and blocking the inflow of air from outside through its quick opening and closing.

Detail Specification

Product name COAD-50 Windpressure shutter
Material Aluminum Steel
Maximum wind speed 45m/s
Opening and closing speed 50~70mm/s
Color Ivory, silver, etc.
Minimum Clearance Headroom 500mm, side room 200mm
Production range Max. 15,000mm
Warranty 1 year
Usage Power plants, seashores, large-sized logistics centers, etc.

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