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High Speed Door

COAD-2 Slim type

  • A high speed door product that is useful when the place is narrow to install or space is limited.
  • The motor is built inside of the drum cover, increasing the space utilization.
  • Optimized for the sites that are sensitive about maintaining a clean internal environment such as food factories and pharmaceutical companies.
  • food


    A high speed door optimized for hygienic management for HACCP and GMP certification. Non-contact sensors and switches are applied to prevent bacterial growth caused by contact, and anti-bacterial sheets are used to prevent microbial growth.

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  • car wash

    Car wash

    A high speed door designed to be able to operate a car washer even at a temperature of minus 10 degrees. It does not require extra maintenance as it can be interlocked with a car washer. By solving noise, dust, and freezing problems, the car washer operation is always available 24/7.

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  • Automobile Repair shop

    Automobile Repair shop

    A high speed door specifically made for automobile repair shop and maintenance centers by completely blocking noise and cold drafts. It has an excellent energy saving effect with fast opening and closing speed and is suitable for maintaining the room temperature. High speed door plays a large role in preventing the outflow of dust and noise generated from the inside with a strong sealing force.

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