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High Speed Door

COAD-3 Self-Recovery type

  • A high-quality speed door that is automatically recovered in case of a vehicle collision, causing no extra repair costs, through the automatic recovery mechanism.
  • Produced in a zipper type, it features strong sealing ability by maintaining the fully locked state when the door is closed.
  • Optimized for the sites where there are many movements of goods by vehicles and forklifts, and suitable for electronic and automobile industries.
  • Hotel


    It perfectly protects the customer's privacy with fast opening and closing without damaging the vehicle. It can offer a remodeling effect, and imperishable nano ink is used which can also be printed on the sheet of the speed door.

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  • big size

    Big size

    It can be produced up to 10m in width, and the high speed door is produced according to the size of the opening and the site condition. The opening/closing speed can be easily controlled using the high speed door controller.

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  • Explosion-proof type

    Explosion-proof type

    A high speed door that is safe from the risks of fire and explosions. It is suitable for paint and gas factories where the site situation does not allow the installment of the electronic products.

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